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  • Adsorption of CuSO4 onto thin films
  • DSC measurements of films


Adsorption of CuSO4

Adsorption of CuSO4 was performed on films using the same procedure that was done using clay. Instead of filtering after intervals of 5, 10, and 30 minutes, the films were filtered out of solution after 10, 30, and 60 minutes. The following films were used in this analysis:

1. PVOH containing gluteraldehyde

2. PVOH containing NaMT

3. PVOH 100% CEC

DSC Measurements

DSC Analysis was performed on the following films.

1. gluteraldehyde

2. H3PO4 and Maleic acid (22,000, 1.0g)

3. H3PO4 and Maleic Acid (22,000, 0.5g)

4. HCl and Succinic Acid (100,000, 0.5g)


  • After gluteraldehyde was placed in CuSO4 solution for 10 minutes, it seemed to have partially dissolved. This trend continued when placed in the solution for longer amounts of time. It has been proposed that this film was not actually cross-linked as it should not have dissolved at all if it were.


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