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conference call Thursday 15th November



The general purpose of this collaboration is to share knowledge on model representation in CellML and the requirements for modelling and storage of models that describe components of the Standard Registry of Biological Parts. James Lawson is the curator of the CellML model repository and is interested in collaborating in the Registry of Standard Biological Models project.

  • Background on the RoSBM project
    • Synthetic biology = modularity and re-useability of standard biological parts.
    • iGEM + experience with modelling
    • OWW
  • Feedbacks received, and related projects
    • presentation of the project at BioSysBio, SB 3.0, iGEM Jamboree.
    • CAD tools (BioJade, GenoCAD, Sauro's group)
    • Web of Registries (DNA, Models, Experimental data, Simulation data ...)
  • CellML implementation experience
  • PRM2 update
  • next steps ?


Unfortunately this conference call wasn't able to be made, due to a mistake in our calculations of time zones. If only the world were flat!

Due to timezone differences, collaboration by conference-call may be difficult. For the time being, it is proposed that the participants collaborate by means of OWW.