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James R. Lawson

James R. Lawson (an artistic interpretation)

Hi, my name is James R. Lawson, and I'm currently part of the CellML group, at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), University of Auckland, New Zealand. I hold a bachelor of science in pharmacology and a master of science with first class honours in biological sciences (protein engineering and x-ray crystallography), both from the University of Auckland. Most of my work here at the ABI involves curation of the models in the CellML model repository. However I am also involved in many other facets of development of CellML as standard for description of biological systems. This includes community development, writing documentation, FAQs, how-to guides, etc. for, functional testing of CellML related software (see PCEnv and interaction and collaboration with other groups involved in similar work to the CellML community, such as BioModels, SBML, CSML, Biobricks, Standard Registry of Biological Parts (I don't think you need a link for these :) etc. You can contact me at