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Instructions: Copy this page (with the exception of the links at the bottom) to your user page (or to a page linked from your user page) and fill it out on the wiki for submission.

Record for experiment addressing Coli-roid operating conditions

Lab section


Team color

Green Purple Blue Red Pink Yellow

Experiment variations

Sample densities

Activity of samples

RNA concentrations

Method of cDNA synthesis

Epicenter Invitrogen

Primer pair

5' end of LacZ gene Middle of LacZ gene 3' end of LacZ

Wells for your samples:

RT-PCR 96 well plate

Online submissions

Tues/Thurs section

  1. User:Justinhlo

Wed/Fri section

  1. User:Danielle/3-5
  2. User:Tracyc/Talk:mod3day5 & User:Yeem/Talk:mod3day5
  3. User_talk:tamijean
  4. Sasha and Meghana are awesome