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Record for experiment addressing Coli-roid operating conditions

Lab section


Team color


Experiment variations

Compared light and dark in undiluted and diluted (1:10) cells.

Sample densities

light: .154 nm (A420)

dark: .157 nm (A420)

Activity of samples

light: average = 223.267 B-gal units

dark: average = 761.43 B-gal units

RNA concentrations

light: 0.3 ug/ml dark: 6.36 ug/ml

Method of cDNA synthesis


Primer pair

5' end of LacZ gene

Wells for your samples:

RT-PCR 96 well plate

Hey Tami, I think it is great that you are putting up images from BE.109. FYI, you can resize images like this [[Image:Mod_1_drawing.jpg|600px]]. --RS 15:09, 18 March 2006 (EST) (Mod 3 TA)