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Postgraduate Studies

We coordinate the Postgraduate Program in Biophysics of the UAM.


The Postgraduate Program in Biophysics is fundamentally an introduction to the experimental sciences area research. Its main goal is to teach the physical principles of biological processes and the used techniques and Physical methodologies for its study.

The Postgraduate Program in Biophysics consists of a Master course (600 hours in a whole academic year, although part of it can be validated by subjects passed in other academic programs) and a Doctorate where the student will develop an original research project in one of the groups associated to this program. Subjects of the Master course will be imparted in Spanish and English.

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Master in Biophysics

This program is an experimental research oriented masters Degree oriented to research in biophysics. The main working perspective for those who attend the Master will be their incorporation in a research group for the accomplishment of a Doctoral Thesis. Their specific objectives are:

  • To provide knowledge on Biology and basic Biochemistry or on Physics and Mathematics, necessary to attend the rest of the program. For that reason several updating subjects are offered to students so that they alternatively attend them according to their background (Elements of Physics and Mathematics and Elements of Biochemistry, Molecular Cellular and Genetic Biology).
  • To provide a general overview of biological processes at different organization levels (molecular, cellular, histological and physiological) emphasizingthe physical principles of the biological functions (Molecular Interactions, Cellular Organization, Development Biology, Systems Organization).
  • To provide a basic knowledge of the advanced experimental and computing techniques that provide deeper insight of the biophysics of biological systems (Technical Biophysics, Biocomputing, Noninvasive Methods of Medical Diagnosis).
  • To provide a practical knowledge of some of the studied techniques (laboratory guided training).

More information can be found here.

Doctorate in Biophysics

Once the necessary 300 credits to access to Doctorate Studies are completed, students will join one of the different research groups associated to this program to develop an original research project that will lead to the elaboration of a Doctoral Thesis and to the procurement of the Ph.D Degree. In addition to the research project, students will have to participate in workshops, seminars and schools organized to give an ample vision of the field and to reinforce interdisciplinary communication skills.

More information can be found here.

Undergraduate Studies

Fundamentos de Física II

Técnicas Experimentales de Física II


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