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#Remove 3.5 ml of the supernatant.
#Resuspend the bacterial pellet in the remaining 1.0 ml of supernatant - you are concentrating your bacteria.
#Pipet In the laminar flow hood in L304 (the 220 lab) pipet a 200 μL aliquot of your induced bacteria onto the center of 4 '''feeding plates'''. Be careful not to tilt or jostle your plates so that the bacteria stay in a circle in the center of each plate. These plates contain the same NGM Lite medium used in our mapping series, except that they have been supplemented with 0.4 mM IPTG, 50 μg/mL ampicillin.#Allow the bacteria to be absorbed into the media before you move them. About 30-60 minutes.
#Obtain 2 '''control''' plates - these plates contain the same NGM lite medium described above and the bacterial strain on them are identical to your RNAi feeder strain, ''except'' that the pL4440 plasmid is only expressing RNA from the vector - it lacks DNA specific to any worm genes.
#Stack all 6 plates carefully (without tilting them) - put them in your lab section box or your project box identified with a labeled piece of your team color tape on top.#We The plates will allow the bacteria to continue be stored at 4°C until you are ready to induce overnight at room temperatureadd worms.
'''4 days before next lab:'''


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