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*Wayne G. Shreffler 09:42, 27 July 2010 (EDT):

Agenda Items

  • EoE
    • EDN ELISAs
    • Component proposal
  • Basophil
    • Review data from last week
    • Summarize for ALK
    • Next experiments
    • Caitlin paper? -- Bert has looked?
  • Allergen Adjuvant
    • Discuss prep for meeting with Carr on Wed
    • Review most recent PCR
  • PM Baso
    • Call this friday
    • MJ to send group information
  • JAX
    • quote for peptide arrays
    • train Stephanie for project role

Previous Action Items

Other Discussion

Things To Do

  1. Investigate EDN assay options/ request samples w/ standards (Sarita)
  2. Write up component proposal (Marcella and Wayne)