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Innate Immunity, Cell Signaling and Molecular Modeling Laboratory

PhD Students

Nasir Javaid

Email :
I am interested in regenerative medicine with a focus on stem cell-based therapy. Further, I am finding immunomodulatory drugs targeting the innate immune system and associated cytokines.

Muhammad Haseeb

Email :
I am working on Computer-aided drug designing, Systems Biology, and Bioinformatics. My current projects are 'Inhibitor and agonist designing for toll-like receptors, Alzheimer's and NASH'.

Bilal Ahmad

Email :;
My research interest lies in development of data-driven computational models to decode the complexities and diseases of the immune system's cellular and molecular entities.

Rameez Hassan Pirzada

Email :;
I am applying computational methods to biological systems. My interdisciplinary research focuses on cell signalling pathways, protein modelling and dynamics, investigation of molecular mechanisms of protein/drug and protein/protein interactions by using different computational approaches. Currently I am working on the identification of drugs targeting the innate immune system and associated pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Yang Seon Choi

My interest is to discover lead compounds for anti-inflammatory therapy. I wish many people get hope by my research.

Naila Qayyum

My focus is on computer-aided drug designing and molecular dynamics simulation studies via a categorized approach, in which simple and fast methods are used for pre-screening of real or virtual compound libraries and for suggesting potentially useful drug candidates to make/screen, followed by further evaluations by models with increasing levels of sophistication using Bio-computations and Bioinformatics tools.

Rajath R

My research focus is having interdisciplinary behaviour, more specifically pharmacoinformatics prominently dealing with computational drug discovery techniques.

Mariya Farooq

My research interest is to decipher the mechanism of interaction between respiratory viruses and immune system and to find some effective therapeutic intervention against viral diseases.

Abdul Waheed Khan


Master Students

Hana Seo

My research interest is to find and analyze the cause of autoimmune diseases and inflammation, and to discover novel treatments for those.