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lum·pen·pro·le·tar·i·at, n.

  • The lowest, most degraded stratum of the proletariat. Used originally in Marxist theory to describe those members of the proletariat, especially criminals, vagrants, and the unemployed, who lacked class consciousness.
  • The underclass of a human population.

Orkideh Behrouzan

Etienne Benson

Laurel Braitman

Sandy Brown

Nick Buchanan

Candis Callison

Anita Chan

Kieran Downes

Xaq Frohlich

Nate Greenslit

Shane Hamilton

Meg Hiesinger

Hyun Gyung Im

Chihyung Jeon

Shekhar Krishnan

Richa Kumar

David Lucsko

Natasha Myers

Esra Ozkan

Jamie Pietruska

Anne Pollock

Sophia Roosth

Michael Rossi

Peter Shulman

Jenny Smith

Will Taggart

Livia Wick

Sara Wylie

Anya Zilberstein