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This kitten is a Communist

The Marxist-Leninist kitten enjoys the view

I'm just kidding, of course. This kitten isn't *actually* a Communist. He's more of a Marxist-Leninist. You can tell by that terrified look on his face. It's the look that says, "I'm a Marxist-Leninist kitten and I'm trapped in this tree! I'd mobilize the working class to march on the halls of capitalist power, but I can't get down. I shouldn't have snorted all that catnip. GOD I'm an idiot! Now I'm stuck here until the fire department shows up. Well, I guess I'll just have to hang out for a while. I wish Antonio Gramsci were here - he'd know what to do. I wonder if this branch is edible. . ."

Research interests

My research, which is currently in stasis (see below), concerns the use of vacuum-tube technology in high-end audio gear. I am particularly interested in the confluence of engineering and enthusiasm that keeps this otherwise antiquated technology thriving, and hope to use examples from the high-end community to make broader arguments regarding the role of enthusiasm in technological progress writ large. I will be working to publish my first paper on this topic over the summer. Stay tuned.


The generals lists:


Kieran Downes grew up in the Pacific Northwest, which is the opposite of the Northeast in a whole variety of ways. For one thing, there is a lot more fuzzy plaid fabric out of which comfy hats are made. Also: tall trees.