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I study food labels, agricultural biotechnology, and the intersection of food and agricultural history and science and technology studies. My current research interests include the "science" of risk assessment and risk communication, food as a liminal object that bridges the environment and human health, and socially responsible consumption.

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MIT Activities

At MIT I'm involved in two campus organizations:

MIT International Development Network, IDN Planning Team Member - We publish the MIT Guide to International Development and host the annual fall MIT International Development Fair (IDF)

MIT Technology & Culture Forum, T&C Steering Committee Member



I was born in Galveston, but grew up in Austin, Texas. I went to high school in the Liberal Arts Academy then at Johnston High School. At University of Texas at Austin I pursued a B.A. in History, with an honors thesis in the history of science: "Building Public Policy on Scientific Uncertainty: Debates in Europe and the US over Recombinant DNA and Genetically Modified Foods." However, my degree was really on "how to study abroad on state school tuition." I spent my junior year as an exchange student at Queen Mary & Westfield in East London, England, and then my fifth year as an exchange student at the Universidad de Valencia in Valencia, Spain.

I am currently a doctoral candidate in MIT's HASTS graduate program. I have also recently worked on agricultural biotechnology in an international development context, helping Oxfam America assess the socioeconomic impact of transgenic cotton on resource-poor farmers.

Contact Info

Phone: 617-253-4041
Email: frohlich at mit dot edu
77 Massachusetts Ave., E51-094
Cambridge, MA 02139

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