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We are a research group in Monash University, Australia interested in Complex Flows of Complex Fluids.

For instance, we explore the dramatic changes in fluid behaviour in complex flows when tiny amounts of flexible polymers are dissolved in it. Polymer additives are used to lend a certain springiness to the solution. This elasticity is useful in a wide variety of applications such as turbulent-drag reduction, ink-jet printing, agricultural spraying, fuel injection etc.

So why are we here on OpenWetWare?

We are also interested in the behaviour of living matter at the cellular and sub-cellular levels, as exemplified by suspensions of motile bacteria, or by the membrane-cytoskeletal assemblage within eucaryotic cells. Such "active" materials are collectives of entities that constantly push and pull their neighbours, and are known for their ability for self-organization (e.g. pattern formation in surface colonies of motile bacteria; cytoskeletal reorganization in filopodal or lamellipodal cell migration, endocytosis, cell-divison). We see these processes as manifestations of..., well,... complex flows in complex fluids :) The dream is that one day we may be able to build soft artificial microbots that can swim or crawl on their own, or soft microreactors whose walls can open and close to transport material in and out...

Dr. Prabhakar Ranganathan
Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Monash University
Rm. no. 123, Bldg. 31
VIC - 3800

Ph: +613 9905 3480
Email: prabhakar.ranganathan@monash.edu