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RAVE logo R Analysis and Visualization of iEEG

Using RAVE on the BeauchampLab MacPro

Setup a RAVE instance on the MacPro (only required once).

ScreenShare with the MacPro. Apple-K, then


RStudio/Session/new session

 rave::start_rave(host = '', launch.browser=FALSE, port = 1111)

where 1111 is a port number.

Access the RAVE instance from your local machine

VPN into BCM if you are not on campus. Start a Chrome browser on your local machine, enter this into address bar:

where 1111 is the port number used above for your RAVE instance.


If no data is loaded, run


change Raw subject data path to


change RAVE subject data path to


Make sure to click "Set Directory". Sometime it may be necessary to clear variables and restart the session.

 rm(list=ls(all.names = TRUE))


For best performance,


and set cores to 15 and RAM to 384 GB. Click "set max RAM" and "set max RAM" to enforce. Can also do it directly from the function call and skip GUI.

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