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Loading Data

  1. Click 'Select Data' from the purple banner at the top of the screen. RAVE:RAVEGUI_Help
  2. under 'Subject ID', you should see a dropdown menu of the different subjects that are available for loading.
  3. Under 'Electrodes', select which electrodes you would like to analyze during this session. You can select all electrodes, however the more you select the longer it takes to load initially. You can select a range (eg 4-20), or individual electrodes (eg 4, 8, 19) or a combination (eg 4-20, 23, 34-35).
  4. Note only electrodes with marked as 'valid' (ie have a 1 in the third column of your 'electrodes.csv' file of your meta subfolder of the subject data) appear for selection.
  5. To see which electrodes are available for selection, along with their labels, you can click 'Preview' or 'Full table'. Once you have listed electrodes to select under 'Electrodes', only those electrodes selected will be listed.
  6. You can also load a mask with the desired electrodes. Click 'Load Mask' to select file. Note you should delete any entries under 'Electrodes' so the text box is blank prior to loading mask.
  7. After selection of a subject and electrodes, click on 'Import' in bottom right corner of 'Data Selection' window.

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