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Upcoming Seminars

Tues January 31, 2012
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Scott Stagg, PhD
Institute of Molecular Biophysics; Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry, Florida State Univ.
"(Tentative) Vesicle Trafficking - the Structure of COPII by Electron Microscopy"

Tues Feburary 14, 2012
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Michael G. Rossmann, PhD.
Hanley Prof. Biol. Sci., Purdue Univ.
"Conformational Changes in envelope viruses during maturation and fusion."

Thurs Feburary 16, 2012
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Charles Springer, PhD.
Adv. Imaging Ctr., OHSU.

Past Seminars

December 15, 2009
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Barry Stoddard, PhD
Program in Structural biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"Homing Endonucleases: From Microbial Gene Invation to Human Gene Correction"

November 11, 2010
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Taekjjip Ha, PhD
HHMI, Dept. Physics and Ctr. Biophys. & Comp. Biol., Univ. Illinois
"Single molecule investigation of antiviral signalling."

January 27, 2011
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Tom Walz, PhD
HHMI, Dept. Cell Biol., Harvard Univ.
"Lipid-protein interactions in two-dimensional crystals of aquaporin-0."

May 17, 2011
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
David Agard, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
"The Structure and Mechanism of the Hsp90 Molecular Chaperone: A ubiquitous facilitator of cellular signalling"

August 08, 2011
12pm, Vollum M1441, OHSU
Liang Feng, PhD
Lab. Mol. Neurobiology, Rockefeller Univ.
"When ion channel meets transporter: Structure & mechanism of a eukaryotic CLC transporter."