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There has been an unmet neet in Portland for a series of Molecular Biophysics courses covering the physical underpinnings of Structural Biology at a level appropriate for graduate research or professional preparation. Each of the undergraduate and graduate programs has a modest number of students with the joint background needed in the life and physical sciences, and the interest in a rigorous biophysical education. By pooling our faculty, it is possible to offer the type of courses that will be valuable to a substantial number of students drawn from the different programs in Portland.


Linked below are working drafts for the syllabus of two prospective courses that still requires much discussion and editing. They are the product of two meetings over the winter of 2009-10. Present: Dave Peyton (PSU), Drake Mitchell (PSU), Jeffrey Karpen (OHSU), Chris Kroenke (OHSU), Jim Whittaker (OHSU), Ujwal Shinde (OHSU), Dave Farrens (OHSU) & Michael Chapman (OHSU).

The first course would be offered annually, stating Winter 2011. It is an introductory course targeted at 1st/2nd year graduate and advanced undergraduate students. The second course would be more advanced, designed to follow immediately after. It will be offered annyally, starting Spring 2011.

Topics might still be shuffled. Hours for each topic were discussed (Michael has a record).

Approval is currently being sought from the respective curriculum committees (Nov 2010). More detailed scheduling will follow.


Syllabus for Introductory Biophysics

Syllabus for Advanced Biophysics