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Physics 307L, Fall 2008

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Winter Break Lab Fest       


We are likely to run into unforeseen difficulties and conflicting needs of students. Please be courteous and we'll try to work things out. In general, sign up below when you know what experiment you want to do. It probably doesn't make sense to sign up more than one week ahead of time. Try to work things out with other students face to face during class.


Lab # Garrett McMath Paul Klimov Jason Archer Boleszek Darrell Alexander Justin Chad McCoy
Lab 0 Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope
Lab 1 E/M Ratio E/M Ratio Planck Balmer Balmer Poisson Poisson Speed of Light
Lab 2 Balmer Balmer Speed of Light Speed of Light E/M Ratio E/M Ratio Electron diffraction
Lab 3 Electron Diffraction Electron Diffraction Plank's constant Speed of Light Speed of Light Balmer
Lab 4 Planck's Constant Planck's Constant Milikin
Lab 5 Speed of Light Speed of light
Lab 6 Poisson Poisson


Lab # Arianna Mike Phillips Stephen Martinez David Winborn Your name here Your name here Manuel Franco Jr. David Sosa
Lab 0 Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Oscilloscope
Lab 1 Balmer Series e/m Ratio e/m Ratio Oil Drop Speed of Light Speed of Light
Lab 2 Planck's Constant Speed of Light Speed of Light Balmer Series Balmer Series
Lab 3 speed of light Electron Diffraction Electron Diffraction Planck's constant Poisson Statistics Poisson Statistics
Lab 4 e/m ratio Balmer Series Balmer Series Economy Lab Economy Lab
Lab 5 M. oil drop Electron Spin Resonance ESR Plank's Constant Plank's Constant
Lab 6 electron diffraction Plank's Constant Millikan Oil Drop Millikan Oil Drop

Lab choices (this list will evolve)

Experiment Koch notes Links
The oscilloscope
e/m Ratio for Electrons (dark) Set up for this lab is extensive (3 total power supplies) & there is high risk of damaging apparatus. Large systematic error and a big part of lab is hypothesizing why the error exists and figuring out how to minimize it.
Electron Diffraction (pretty tough to see) High Voltage -- Discuss safety with Koch! TEL Atomic Commercial site
Balmer Series (dark) This one works very well, and you can get probably the most precise answer out of all the labs, which is very fun.
Planck’s Constant (dark) Be careful about systematic errors! MIT OpenCourseWare Planck's Constant exp. (An explanation of a different setup though)
Excitation Levels of Neon Students had a tough time getting this one working -- make sure all connections are good and that you're getting some peaks to avoid spending a bunch of time taking meaningless data.
Electron Spin Resonance A pretty complicated setup, but a lot of fun. These capacitors have a specific polarity!!!
Poisson Statistics (MCA) a site about the MCA software (maybe)
Mass of the Electron (MCA) Apparently we cannot do this lab because the instructor (Koch) hasn't had radiation safety training.
Speed of Light (MCA) Be careful w/ the photomultiplier not expose it to room light when the high voltage is turned on
Oil drop experiment (charge of electron) This one is tricky and taking the data is fatiguing ... but it's a really cool one. Manual from Pasco
Other new experiments? If you know of one, we may be able to make a purchase or you could take on a project of setting it up

Also, Koch has ideas for experiments he'd like to get going, so if you're interested in blazing a trail, talk with him!
List of MIT Junior Lab Experiments

More details of the experiments can be found in the 2006 lab manual.