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Physics 307L, Fall 2010

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Winter Break Lab Fest       

Please contact Dr. Koch with questions. Link to content from 2007 course

How to find primary research references

Fitting a line

See this page.


See Physics307L:Grading.

Typesetting in TeX

Wikipedia guide to Tex editing in a Wiki
Harvard's page on typesetting math in TeX
Please note that the $ in TeX should be omitted in the wiki edit.

Some sample code

[math]\displaystyle{ f(x) = y + z }[/math]
[math]\displaystyle{ g(x) = \frac {z^{2 x}}{t + b_{j , i}} }[/math]

Wiki Editing Help

Editing wikis (wikipedia)
Guide to editing tables (wikipedia)


There is no required textbook for the course, but here are two good ones that would help you in your future career as an experimentalist:

Magnetic properties

New Equipment List

2 New Digital Multimeters (R)
More Banana cords
Meter stick
Stop Watches
Digital Caliper
~50 V Source (Excitation Neon)(R)
matlab, mathematica, or maple (as an alternative to labview)
(R indicates equipment that needs replacement)