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Physics 307L, Fall 2010

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Winter Break Lab Fest       

Components of overall course grade

Component Percentage of final grade
Final formal report 20% (points deducted for late rough draft)
First wiki assignment 5%
Oscilloscope (Lab 0) 0% (practice grading for Labs 1-6)
Labs 1 - 6 (graded on written work and oral defense) 70% (each lab equal portion) (points deducted for lateness)
Attendance, completion of assignments, helpfulness and demeanor in the lab 5%

Formal Report

You will only write up one formal report, but will be graded on both the rough draft and the following revision. Additionally, you will almost surely asked to take further data after your rough draft to present in your final draft (due the Sunday before Finals week). Guidance on formal reports.

Individual Labs

You will receive a grade for each individual lab, a combination of an assessment of your electronic lab notebook, your final electronic summary, and my in-person judgment of your understanding of the equipment and methods. Safety: your knowledge of safe work habits and ability to carry out work safely is crucial and will be a big factor in your grade.

For the oscilloscope lab (Lab 0), your grade will not count towards your final course grade, but will show you how Labs 1 through 6 will be graded.

Attendence, assignments, helpfulness

Course Goals

  • Learn how to conduct an experiment.
    • Setup/Debugging apparatus.
    • Keeping an excellent lab notebook.
    • Data taking.
      • Error analysis.
      • Processing.
      • Fitting.
  • Writing papers.
    • Citing other work not done by you.
    • Ethics.
    • Defending your research.
      • Writing and presenting.
  • Open science.
    • Learn what open science is and how to participate.