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Just do it

Might do soon

  • MC1061 frozen aliquots, growth in Minimal (M9 vs. AB; 30 vs 37)
  • Maturation on ice: time to full maturation of Citrus, mCherry, CFP
  • PA-YFP: get, characterize, determine if useful

Might do when it snows

  • Organize plasmid database
  • Entries into SysBio Intranet
  • update COMS
  • chemical inventory (on Wiki)
  • complain about nanodrop glitch
  • clean/calibrate microscope (protocol for doing so on the Wiki)
  • shipping instructions on Wiki
  • favorite papers by year - on Wiki OR in folders

Might do eventually

  • Add protocols to Wiki
  • Lab personnel time/space line
  • Drawer contents labels