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Things to take care of


  1. Ordering


  1. Hazardous waste inspection
  2. Environmental room charts
  3. Check supplies (tips, pipets, gloves, sticks)
  4. Group meeting schedule


  1. Inventory (spreadsheet and placards)
  2. Safety training (updates)
  3. Update databases (strains, etc.)
  4. Update 'What's new on wiki' page


  1. COMS (April?)
  2. Safety inspection (December)
  3. SOPs for Safety binder (November)
  4. clean air filters for freezers/fridges (May)
  5. Hazardous waste training - online refresher (March)


pipet tips

Axygen: Maximum Recovery tips good for hydrophobic soln, but aqueous soln. cling to the tip

using FROS

  • How to add a vendor:

At Home screen, use "Jump to Database" feature and select Vendors.
Select "New" (Record) from icons at top of page.
Enter vendor information.
Click on Home icon; new vendor information automatically saved.
New vendor will not show up in Vendors list immediately (next day?)


CCD camera

power supply for scopes

SOPs for formaldehyde, etc...


strains and plasmids (move to Secret, access for all)

resources in SYSBIO\\PAULSSON LAB folder

  • eventually:

lab member timeline

inventory online

new members to the lab page: getting an account, who to talk to about what (in the dept.), ID office, Barb keys and safety training (3rd thurs), Erin for?,

  • Edit Secret wiki user list