Paulsson:Electroporation competent DH5-alpha

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Batch 11/27/06, labeled with one red dot, made by Per FINISHED
5.1 x 10(7) cells per ug (transformation efficiency tested with ts-Rep pDNA)
50ul aliquots, some tubes labeled "2x" contain 100ul of cells

Batch 10/01/09, in "Competent Cells II" box, labeled "D" in red ink, ~150ul aliquots, made by Per
Prepared using 500ml Corning Centrifuge Tubes, ~30 aliquots from 1.5L
~2 x 10(7) ampR cfu per ug pDNA (transformation efficiency tested with 72.5ul cells and 1ng pCR2.1 pDNA in 0.2mm cuvette, brought to 1ml in SOC after transformation, grown 60min at 37deg, 100ul plated on LB/Amp)