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Gift Box I

  • ZK strains, sometimes mistakenly labeled "RK___", come from Roberto Kolter's lab (Per has a spreadsheet of their collection).
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6 Column 7 Column 8 Column 9
Row 1 empty DJ480 CGSC-7740 CGSC-8528 CGSC-6412 CGSC-6091 CGSC-11064 CGSC-11068 CGSC-8085
Row 2 CGSC-9565 CGSC-11772 CGSC-9586 CGSC-9636 CGSC-8314 CGSC-11063 CGSC-11065 CGSC-10525 DH5α/pGRG36
Row 3 MC1061/pLAU43 MC1061/pLAU44 MC1061/pLAU53 DH5α/pLAU37 DH5α/pLAU39 DH5α/pLAU9-1 DH5α/pLAU9-2 DH5α/pLAU10-1 DH5α/pLAU10-2
Row 4 ZK1274 ZK2047 ZK2048 ZK2049 ZK160 ZK1506 ZK1395 ZK85 ZK1390
Row 5 AAEC137 1061/A12 1061/C12 1061/K12 pACT7 pACTAK2 LMBP3262 LMBP3263 ZK421
Row 6 ZK435 ZK2692 MS528 DH5α/pMAS115 ER2925 ER2420/pBeloBAC11 ER2420/pACYC177 ER2420/pACYC184 AB1157
Row 7 CGSC-11760 CGSC-11843 ECF259 ZK2704 CGSC 6411 CGSC 12163 BL21-AI p280 p716
Row 8 p727 p827 pDM1187
Row 9