Paul Magnano: Week 6 Indiviual Journal

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BIOL398-03/S13:Week 6

Paul Magnano BIOL398-03/S13 User: Paul Magnano

Class Journals

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Question 1

  • We will be doig the second project option. The chemostat model we’ve worked out does not predict the oxygen use and carbon dioxide production of Figure 1 B. Develop and analyze a model of the chemostat that includes oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Question 2

  • I found this article which could be apossible source for the project. It describes how oxygen limitation affects biomass growth in yeast, which is important because understanding how oxygen levels affect biomass growth will be key to forming our theoretical graph of oxygen consumption/carbon dioxide production and our model/code to use with matlab, to obtain a practical graph.

Question 3

  • I found this website which allows you to access a webinar that is meant to aid scientists in using matlab to model various organism growth functions. This webinar covers how to import metabolic networks and other pathways from KEGG which I think could be extremely useful since we already have experience using KEGG. The example modelingis also done with yeast making it relatable to our project.