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While multiple platforms exist to serve various markets for genome sequencing, we believe that the market will be even more fragmented with the arrival of many novel applications for genome sequencing in the scientific and the medical community. In order to develop and encourage the use of such new applications, it is imperative to develop, integrate and push the technology to its maximal capacity in order to anticipate how the changes in the sequencing technology will alter the application landscape.

Dover Systems, in collaboration with Church laboratory, have developed a highly flexible open-platform for high throughput sequencing at a low price point. Our collaborators are working towards increasing its sequencing pipeline using novel surface chemistries, enzymology, optics and microfluidics. One of the approaches that PGP will adopt is a distributive, open-source model of population-based genome sequencing by emphasizing the need for a machine capable of handling multiple sequencing and other related projects, much like a general computing machine.