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  1. What is the purpose of this PGP site? This site is not meant as a comprehensive description of the research being done by PGP collaborators. It should be used mainly to connect laboratories, companies and other interested individuals working on related research areas to exchange data, ideas and resources. As such, we encourage participants to use this website to aggregate links to collaborators and genomics resources and share them.
  2. I want to share my data with my collaborators, but they are not yet published. What can I do? OpenWetWare is not a data storage server, and you should not upload any large data. Rather, you should provide a link to the data server where the files are located. If you feel that your data should be secure and private among your collaborators, you can set up a user access control at the data server level.
  3. What can I post on the PGP site? While anything that the author as created can be posted, you should check with your institution or publisher about the copyright status on published figures, drawings and papers. While certain types of links are permitted, we discourage allow direct importing, pasting and uploading of any copyrighted or confidential material for public viewing.
  4. Who is ultimately in charge of editing its content? Like most other Wiki sites, it is expected that the wider community will change and add the content to this site over time. During the development of this site, a small number of people have been invited to contribute until enough content has been created before fully announcing the site.
  5. Is there an easier way to download and/or view the PGP data set? We are currently working on several data storage and management solutions as well as a couple of online tools for browsing PGP data sets. When these tools become available in early 2009, we will add their links to our website for easy access.
  6. How do I get an account on OWW so I can start to edit? You can apply directly to OWW on its main page by providing some affiliation data, or you can ask one of your collaborators on OWW to send you an invitation. Once you have an account and logged in, you can start editing content.
  7. How do I start and keep track of discussions? Each page has an associated "talk" page. You can start editing the talk page and start a thread. We will incorporate a feature so that you receive an email when someone posts an reply.
  8. We have a large amount of data we would like to share. Is there a place to store such data? We are working on a data center that can serve to store and backup valuable PGP-related data from the community. Members may be able to upload and share data from a centralized computing cloud in the near future.