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PGP is collaborating with Global Cell Solutions enable multiplexed and high-throughput production of personalized cell lines and DNA/RNA samples from mini-bioreactors. Unlike most microcarriers used for adherent cell culture, the alginate-based magnetic microcarriers (GEMs) patented by GCS will allow for both large-scale culture in small tubes and for easy manipulation using automated, magnetized benchtop incubators. Our ultimate aim is to develop a universal protocol and a scalable system to distribute cells as reagents on this and similar technologies. In addition to cultures in tubes, we will also perform and distribute human cell culture in microtiter plates for distribution. For anyone interested in participating, please contact Jehyuk Lee.

For the participants, please add this page to your bookmark, and contribute to our ongoing collaboration by adding your comments or questions here. If you have any protocols or images you would like to share, please upload them in the sections below.

Protocol Database