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The allele-specific gene expression assay directly reflects the effect of cis-regulatory functional variants as the two diploid heterozygotic regions in the genome show different gene expression levels. This functional variation can be genetic (i.e. SNP) or epigenetic (i.e. imprinting). We will explore a large number of cellular transcriptional regulation and signaling pathways in PGP primary fibroblasts. We aim to show that large functional genetic difference exist among individuals, which may or may not manifest itself in tissue culture. Such an understanding will enable better drug screening designs for personalized medicine.

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  • Sample List
  • Serum Induction
  • Growth Factor Induction
  • Cytokine Induction
  • H2O2 Response
  • Cell Cycle Regulation
  • Oncogenic Transformation
  • Radiation Damage Response
  • Cellular Senescence
  • Apoptosis

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