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This page is the Open Writing Projects home page.

The Open Writing Initiative at OpenWetWare is an experiment in the collaborative authoring of books, papers, and other research-related or research-supporting materials. If you're interested in contributing to a project you see here, feel free to contact the author(s). If you're interested in initiating your own project and would like to discuss your ideas, find coauthors, or are looking for a bit of assistance in getting started, contact Lorrie LeJeune (lorrie at openwetware dot org), or join the OpenWriting email list.

Email List: OpenWriting


Project Page Project Description Members Email List
Python, All A Scientist Needs An introductory article on how to use the Python programming language in science. Covers a detailed bioinformatics example using biopython, matplotlib and swig. Julius B. Lucks OpenWriting
Sage and Cython: A Brief Introduction A quick introduction to Sage, a powerful new computational platform that builds on the strengths of Python. Marshall Hampton OpenWriting
Scientific Programming with Python and Subversion A book about how to use version control and good software practices in science. Focuses on Python and Subversion. Julius B. Lucks, Lorrie LeJeune, Adrian Del Maestro, David C. Thompson owwpythonbook AT googlegroups DOT com
Biotech Toolkit Book An information package describing how to make and use biotech equipment and leading up to the "bioreactor" project. Bryan Bishop and ~150 others. Hplusroadmap mailing list
Private to Public: Information Sharing on OWW An exploration of advantages, disadvantages, and challenges of sharing information on OpenWetWare. Lorrie LeJeune OpenWriting
Beginning Python for Bioinformatics A step-by-step guide to create Python applications in bioinformatics. Paulo Nuin OpenWriting