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  • Time : 12-1pm EST, 7/13/06
  • Room : 32-262 (Stata center)

To Conference Call:

Audiobridge Phone No.: 617-452-5190

To participate in the meeting, call the above number a little before 12pm EDT. You should be connected in to the conference call. Apologies that this requires you to call in, but this is how the audiobridge system works at MIT.

Agenda/Post-meeting notes in bold

Action List! ;)

Don't have my notes with me unfortunately, so please add if I missed something.

  1. Comment on the retreat agenda. (EVERYONE)
  2. Put the video (or picture link to video) on the Main Page, but make sure video works with IE. (John Cumbers)
  3. Look into who we would hire/ask to help us put in place formal decision making processes and organizational structure. (Jason Kelly)
  4. Put a page listing all the suggested categories up on the protocols page. (Jenny Nguyen)
  5. Write letter to labs with empty homepages (Jenny Nguyen)


These are discussion topics brought up during the last meeting, that will be continued on the wiki. Each heading links to a discussion on the topic. Will update after this meeting with new dicussions / remove completed discussions.