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  • Time: 12-1 EST, 7/6/06
  • Location: 32-262 (Stata Center)

We will be discussing ways to standardize protocol submission to be easily submit-able, read-able, and search-able on OWW. Notes and discussion pages will be updated post-meeting --feel free to provide your input on upcoming discussions!



  • Template needs to:
    • Provide Background
    • Collect different versions of a given protocol
    • Allow for comparison of those versions
    • Provide some sort of forum for discussion/comments/questions (see below)
  • Suggested Template
    • Multiple templates for flexibility or maybe several sub-templates so you can pick-and-choose?
  • Template Includes (searchable Keywords possible?)
  • User Friendly (Can we make this template easy to follow?)
  • Print Friendly


  • How do we optimize the process/format to maximize the number of protocols we can get.

User Input

  • We need a way for users to comment on protocols as well as ask questions, get debugging help, and have discussions.
  • We want these discussions to be archived and searchable.
  • Is the wiki the best format?
    • It may be cumbersome when the discussion gets large


  • Tutorial on categorizing and tagging
  • How can we best categorize each protocol?


  • How do we standardize terminology for easy understanding?


Please add/edit notes as you wish. My laptop died in the middle of the meeting, so this is what I came up with so far. --Jennyn

  • For the timebeing, we will use the Show/Hide tags to comment on particular protocol steps.
  • Possible Template Example:
    • DNA Ligation
    • Overview
    • Specific Protocols (list of protocols from labs including a general editable protocol)
    • Notes/Discussion
  • Specific Protocols link to individual namespace?
  • Choose one section for testing (in vitro DNA section for test)
  • Categorizing and tagging
  • Getting Started for Protocols to help users get started?
  • List Categories on front page
  • Possible index of ENTIRE protocols list for users who want to use Find function.
    • Must have everything categorized!

Action List

  • Categorize all protocols (Jenny)
  • Reformat in vitro DNA section (Jenny)
  • Categorize tutorial (Jeff)
  • Symantic wiki (Ilya)