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Many pages on OpenWetWare are of the form namespace:page. For example, this page has a namespace of OpenWetWare and the page name is Namespaces.

The use of namespaces helps to prevent collision of page names and also is used for the dewikification of pages. When creating new namespaces, make sure it doesn't conflict with existing namespaces and any of their aliases (ignoring case differences). When creating pages under namespaces, always use the same primary namespace name as the prefix.

Still needs to be filled in more completely...

Namespace Use Dewikify Aliases
BE.109 MIT's BE.109: Laboratory fundamentals of biological engineering be109
BE Board BE Graduate Student Board beboard
Chandra Chandra lab at IISc
Dewikify Used by the dewikify script
Endy Endy lab at MIT
IGEM iGEM pages on openwetware
Kafatos Kafatos/Christophides lab at Imperial College
Knight Knight lab at MIT
MIT For MIT specific pages (see this page for an example)
OpenWetWare Use for info about the wiki itself oww,openwetware
Silver Silver lab at Harvard
Synthetic Biology Synthetic Biology pages
Sauer Sauer lab at MIT


In addition to the above, there are interwiki link prefixes. For example, the wiki code [[wikipedia:OpenWetWare]] gives wikipedia:OpenWetWare. The problem is that the interwiki link format is identical to a local link! So, for example, no page on this wiki can begin with Wikipedia: (it'll give a bad title error).

Interwiki links can be helpful for simplifying links but it is up to us to decide which prefixes to reserve for interwiki linking and which to save for the local wiki. Here are some of the current interwiki links available (not complete at all). Add to the discussion pages for things to add or remove.

Prefix URL Example
igemwiki:Main Page
registry:Main Page