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Constructing a lab page

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Advantages of lab wiki's

Each lab uses their page on OpenWetWare slightly differently. Here are a few examples of how labs have taken advantage of OpenWetWare.

  1. Using the lab wiki page as a public lab homepage.
    • The Endy lab webpage ( points directly to the Endy lab page on OpenWetWare. The primary advantage of this approach is that instead of a single member of the lab being responsible for maintaining the lab website, any member of the lab can easily edit and improve the site. The navigation bar, such as the one on the Endy research page, is useful for traversing through webpages within the site and gives some continuity to the lab pages.
  2. Using the wiki to organize internal lab functions.
    • Labs can also uses the wiki for a number of lab internal functions. In the Endy internal site, lab members post information on their lab meetings, retreats, lab chores, ordering, etc. Again, since every member of the lab can edit the site and can access it from anywhere, it makes communication about administrative matters easier.
  3. Using the wiki to orient new lab members.
    • The Lauffenburger lab posts up information for new lab members. This is especially useful for large labs that have a steady influx of new people and visitors. Rather than the lab manager having to go through all the procedures and answer a bunch of questions, you can just direct the new person to a site to save time.