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Sharing the same wiki between multiple labs enables community pages, such as those listed in the Shared Technical Resources section of the Main Page. Check out the equipment and protocols.

  • In particular, the plate reader is a good example. It includes useful information about plate variation, lamp energy, and absorbance levels.
  • Each lab has their own way of doing particular protocols. Typically a lab will have a list of lab-specific protocols. However, we are also collecting protocols from multiple labs in the shared protocols area. A good example is DNA Ligation which provides links to the Endy, Knight, and Silver lab protocols.
  • Remember that you don't need permission from anyone to post a page. If you have a protocol or other information that you would like to share, please do so even if you are unsure if it will be of interest to the community. If it helps at least one person (even if that person is you!), it is a fantastic addition to this community resource. However, please be respectful of more "personal" pages (like user pages and lab pages). Check out the etiquette page for more information.