Mimulus haidensis

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Species description

  • It is an endemic subalpine race of the more widespread lowland ssp. guttatus. It was found in rocky runnels and along wet mossy margins of alpine rivulets. A few isolated collections were made on amrgins of streams that have their headwaters in the maine spine of the Queen Charlotte Ranges. Such collections are undoubtedly plants produced from seeds, or plants themselves, that have been carried down the streams during periods of high run-off in the spring and summer months.

Reference: Flora of the Queen Charlotte Islands

Location of Mimulus haidensis populations

Mimulus haidensis publications

Mimulus haidensis (left) notice red at tip of corolla tube and Mimulus guttatus (right)
Mimulus haidensis leaves are highly serrated
Mimulus haidensis
Mimulus haidensis growing along the Yakoun River