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We use Macrogen for sequencing plasmids and DNA fragments. It is very convenient, as the sample can be dropped off in the fridge in LTL (next to where we pick up primers) and the sequencing is generally done by the next day.

To sequence DNA with Macrogen:

  • Go to
  • Set up an account
  • Use SynSeq Facility, LTL 027 Department of Molecular Biology Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544 as the shipping and billing address
  • Complete an on-line Macrogen order form and use the PO number as the payment option. Enter our account number as the PO number
  • Prepare your samples (see for details on how to prepare your sample):
    • We generally use the 8-strip PCR tubes (available in the stockroom)
    • Our oligos are at a concentration of 10μM, so to get the desired 8pmol of oligo, dilute our oligos 1:5 in sterile water (for a final of 2pmol/ul) and add 4μL to the 8μL of DNA to be sequenced.
  • Place your samples together with a copy of the order form in the drop off refrigerator in front of LTL-136. (You can use any small, clean, ziploc bag to submit your sample in, check the box-o-bags above the Plasma Preen)
  • Retrieve your data from the Macrogen server the next day. You will get an email when your sequencing is done.


Please feel free to post comments, questions, or improvements to this protocol. Happy to have your input!

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*Megan N McClean 19:24, 8 September 2012 (EDT): This protocol was changed on 9/8/2012 based on email from the Synseq facility at Princeton notifying use that we no longer needed to request a PO, but could instead use our account number. See McClean:Orders_from_IDT/Genewiz/Macrogen/GenScript for more information. The old protocol is in the comments (visible in edit mode). Don't get rid of it if you edit this file please.