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Please take note of the following two items for orders from IDT/Genewiz/Macrogen/GenScript for Princeton University. This will save us money!

  1. Make sure that your orders to IDT are going through the following web link/portal: The Synseq facility at Princeton has a special arrangement with IDT for better pricing and no shipping fees. If you have already made a login/password that doesn't go through this portal, please setup a new account with a new (unique and different) login and password through the above link to get the PU discount. For future orders, if you login through synseq's following link with new login/password, it should be OK. The pricing you see will not reflect the discounted pricing but a correct pricing will be billed.
  2. No purchase order is needed for IDT, Genewiz, Macrogen, and GenScript orders. Instead of a PO, please use your 7-digit PU account number. For billing and shipping address, please use: SynSeq Facility, LTL 027 Department of Molecular Biology Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544

Additional services and info can be found in synseq's web page: