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Protocol for making kanamycin plates. This is based on addgene's antibiotic recommendations


  1. LB1. See McClean:LB1
  2. Kanamycin (50mg/ml) (1000x) stock solution in the -20C chest in 3007. See McClean:Chloramphenicol


  • Melt the LB1 in the microwave if it is solid. Start by microwaving it for 2 minutes, and then add 1 minutes intervals until it is liquid.
  • Place the hot, liquid LB1 onto a shaker. This will let it cool without letting it solidify.
  • When the LB1 is no longer painfully hot to the touch, add 100μL of kanamycin stock solution for every 100mL of LB1 for a final working concentration of 50μg/mL of kanamycin.
  • Place the LB1+ kNmycin solution back on a shaker to for a little bit to ensure that it is well-mixed.
  • Pour out the plates.


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*Cameron J. Stewart: April 19, 2016

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