Mass Univariate ERP Toolbox: installing the Mass Univariate Toolbox

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Tutorial Sections

  1. Installing the Mass Univariate Toolbox<-You are here
  2. Creating GND variables from EEGLAB set or ERPLAB erp files
  3. Within-subject t-tests
  4. Between-subject t-tests
  5. General advice

Installing the Mass Univariate Toolbox

The Mass Univariate Toolbox is simply a set of MATLAB functions. To use them, you simply need to:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip it
  3. Put the folder of files someplace sensible (e.g., in your "MATLAB" directory)
  4. Add the folder to the set of "paths" MATLAB searches when trying to answer a function call

The sections below cover these steps in a bit more detail:

Download the zip file

You can download the zip file containing all the toolbox functions from:

The file will be called

Unzip the zip file

You should be able unzip the file by double clicking it or by using the UNIX command unzip. For example:
>mkdir mass_uni_toolbox
>mv mass_uni_toolbox/.
>cd mass_uni_toolbox/

Put the file someplace sensible

You can put your mass_uni_toolbox folder anywhere. It does not need to be in your EEGLAB or ERPLAB directories, but it's probably a good idea to put it in a folder with other MATLAB files and folders.

Add the folder to the set of "paths" MATLAB searches

An easy way to add your mass_univariate_toolbox folder to the set of paths MATLAB searches is to select the Set Path option from the MATLAB File menu on the MATLAB GUI Toolbar:
Set path.jpg

You will then see the list of directories MATLAB currently searches. Select Add Folder:
Add folder.jpg

Then navigate to and select your mass_univariate_toolbox folder in the menu that pops up:
Select folder.jpg

Then click Open:
Open folder.jpg

Finally, click the Save button on the menu:
Save paths.jpg

Now your mass_univariate_toolbox folder should be part of your default set of MATLAB paths whenever you start MATLAB. To double check that this worked, enter the following into the MATLAB command line:
>>which gui_erp

MATLAB should respond by printing the path and filename of that function:

An alternative way to add a directory to the set of paths MATLAB searches is by creating a script called startup.m in your home MATLAB directory and using the MATLAB function addpath.m. For more information on how this works see the following pages on the Mathworks website:

Use whichever method you find easier.

Updating the Mass Univariate Toolbox

From time-to-time we will update the toolbox to add new functionality or to fix bugs. To install a new version of the toolbox, simply delete your old mass_uni_toolbox directory and replace it with the new one.