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Lab equipment

  • Manalis:Wirebonder
    • Bonding tool gauge part number: 3475.013 (20$) from Westbond
    • Useful contact: David Lesperance 714 978 1551 at Westbond
    • Good bonding tips:
      • MCSOE-1/16-828-45-C-2025-MP (suitable for Al and Au wire)
      • TCSOE-1/16-828-45-C-2025-MP (suitable for Al wire)


New Inventory Chemicals

Chemical Name Physical State Amount Unit Location
Percoll (Sigma P1644) LIQUID 0.25 LITER Fridge

-80degC Yeast Strains

In Amon lab: 4th freezer from left, 3rd row down, 3rd case over (Alexi's). Box labeled: Andrea-Manalis Lab YPJx is in the s288c WT background and from Paul Jorgensen

Shorthand Details
Emr WT SEY 6210 (MATalpha, leu2-3, 112ura3-52his3-delta200trp1-delta901lys2-801suc2-delta9)
Emr Fab1d fab1delta is replaced with HIS
YPJ5 WT control for YPJ9+10
YPJ9 Cln3d::LEU2
YPJ10 whi5d::natR
YPJ12 BUD21-YFP-his5+, SEC63-CFP-KanR (control for YPJ14)
YPJ14 sfp1d::URA3, BUD21-YFP-his5+, SEC63-CFP-KanR
F44,5 prototrophic WT diploid

Tissue Culture

Other Information


Publication Responsibilities

  • For some time now, the NIH has required that all publications that were supported by their money be deposited in PubMed Central, where they are freely available. It is the authors' responsibility to ensure that this occurs: