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Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre

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Detailed profiles for all of the Group Leaders listed below can be found at the official MIB website.

Andrew Almond Lecturer, Life Sciences

Sophia Ananiadou Reader, Text Mining

Johanna Avis Senior Lecturer, Life Sciences

David Berrisford Lecturer, Chemistry

Ewan Blanch Lecturer in Biophysics

Terry Brown Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences

Frank Bruggeman Lecturer, CEAS

Anne-Marie Buckle Lecturer

Graeme Conn Lecturer, Faculty of Life Sciences

Sam de Visser Lecturer, School of Chem. Eng.

Jeremy Derrick Reader, Life Sciences

Andrew Doig Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences

Peter Fielden Professor of Analytical Science

Sabine Flitsch Professor of Chemical Biology

Bob Ford Professor of Structural Biology

John Gardiner Senior Lecturer, Chemistry

Peter Gardner Senior Lecturer, SCEAS

Nick Goddard Professor, SCEAS

Alexander Golovanov "Lecturer," Faculty of Life Sciences

Roy Goodacre Professor of Biological Chemistry

Finbarr Hayes Reader, Life Sciences

Richard Henchman "Lecturer," School of Chemistry

John Hyde Professor of Molecular Parasitology

Dean Jackson Senior Lecturer

John Keane Professor, School of Informatics

Douglas Kell RSC/EPSRC Research Chair

Joshua Knowles BBSRC David Phillips Fellow

David Leys Reader in Molecular Enzymology

Nick Lockyer Lecturer, SCEAS

Josip Lovric Lecturer

Gerard Markx Senior Lecturer, SCEAS

John McCarthy Professor, Life Sciences & CEAS, Director of the MIB

John McNaught Lecturer, School of Computer Science

Jason Micklefield Reader, Chemical Biology

Aline Miller Lecturer

Andrew Munro Professor of Molecular Enzymology

Goran Nenadic Lecturer, School of Informatics

Paul Popelier Reader

Steve Prince Lecturer

Vasudevan Ramesh Lecturer, Chemistry

Anna Roujeinikova Wellcome Trust Research Fellow

Nigel Scrutton Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences

Paul Sims Senior Lecturer, Life Sciences

Richard Snook Professor of Analytical Science

Gill Stephens Senior Lecturer

Mike Sutcliffe Professor, SCEAS

Nick Turner "Professor, School of Chemistry

Rein Ulijn Senior Lecturer, School of Materials

John Vickerman Professor, SCEAS

Simon Webb Lecturer, School of Chemistry

Hans Westerhoff Professor of Systems "Biology, SCEAS

Xue-Feng Yuan Reader in Biochemical Physics

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