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The Klinke Lab @ West Virginia University

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  • Note: Search PubMed for the most up-to-date list of publications from the lab.

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    The first application of a rule-based reaction network generation algorithm to heterogeneous catalytic chemistry.
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    Provides a glimpse of the size and complexity of the proprietary PhysioLab models developed by Entelos, Inc.
  13. Klinke DJ 2nd, Extent of Beta Cell Destruction is Important but Insufficient to Predict the Onset of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, PLoS ONE 2008; 3:e1374. PMID 18167535
    In a review by Mark Atkinson (Curr Opin Endo Diab Obesity (2009) 16:279-285 PMID 19502978), this is highlighted as a paper of special interest with the comment: "An interesting meta-analysis that draws to the forefront, the question of, `what percentage of b cells are destroyed at the symptomatic onset of T1D?'."
  14. Klinke DJ 2nd, Ustyugova IV, Brundage K, Barnett JB, Modulating Temporal Control of NF-kappaB Activation: Implications for Therapeutic and Assay Selection, Biophys J 2008; 94:4249-4259. PMID 18281385
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    This publication was highlighted as Research News on the Physical Sciences in Oncology website hosted by the National Cancer Institute.
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    This publication describes a new approach for timescale analysis, where timescales are obtained for reaction rules (edges) rather than for reaction species (nodes).
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    Spotlight: Cancer = (Mutation x Selection)^n Biotech and Bioeng 2014; 111(9):vi.
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