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The Klinke Lab @ West Virginia University

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The activities in the lab span multiple disciplines. We encourage the participation of individuals from a variety of educational backgrounds. Our group contains members trained in chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, immunology and biology.

Post-doctoral Research Fellows
We currently have an opening for a Post-doctoral Fellow in Systems Biology. The Fellow is to participate in the experimental components of a project that bridges the Departments of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and Microbiology, Immunology & Cell Biology at WVU. This collaborative project focuses on understanding the systems properties of signaling networks in cancer immunology and on identifying targets or combinations of targets for therapy. The advertisement for the position can be found here .
Application: If you are interested in working in the Klinke Lab as a postdoctoral candidate, please send relevant information (cover letter with goals and interests, CV, publications, abstracts, and references) and inquiries to Professor Klinke.

Graduate Students
We are currently recruiting graduate students to work with us. Students who have been admitted to the Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or Biomedical Sciences graduate programs should contact Professor Klinke about opportunities to rotate with or join the lab. Women and individuals from traditionally underrepresented groups who are also U.S. citizens are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application: To formalize your interest in working in the Klinke Lab as a graduate student, please send relevant information (cover letter with goals and interests, CV, publications, abstracts, and references) and inquiries to Professor Klinke.

Undergraduate Research Assistants
We frequently have opportunities for undergraduates to work in the lab, commonly during the summer but also during the academic year. Undergraduates interested in conducting research with the lab need to submit the following materials electronically to Dr. Klinke for consideration.

1) A resume, including work history and references
2) A copy of their academic transcripts (unofficial okay)
3) A brief statement about why they're interested in working in the lab

Only highly motivated and responsible students will be considered. The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) is a paid full-time position lasting roughly from mid-May until mid-August. Submit application materials by March 30 for full consideration for the SURE program. Applications received after that date will be considered until the positions are filled. All undergraduates who plan to work in the laboratory during the summer are also REQUIRED to apply for summer funding. Funding is available from: SURE Program WVU Honors College, WVU NANO, and Sigma Xi. Deadlines vary.

During the academic year, undergraduate researchers have the opportunity to conduct independent projects on cutting-edge problems at the interface of multiple disciplines. You will share space with your host graduate student or postdoc. No funding is provided during the academic year, but you will receive academic credit. Academic credits are calculated as: 5 hours in the laboratory per week is equal to 1 credit hour. In our experience, a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week and two semesters is required to make significant progress. We are very committed to providing undergraduate research opportunities, but due to our lab size we have limited positions available at any given time.