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Guidelines for Newcomers

Common Areas and Items

Equipment and Duties

Inventory and Ordering

  • We have a chemical inventory on the dropbox server so that everyone can use it.
    • The instructions for using the inventory excel file and ordering process is in the dropbox folder that everyone would get an invitation email to access it.
    • Each lab will have a separate inventory.
    • Ordering will be done for both labs on Mondays (by Mario) and Thursdays (by the Lab Manager). Please make sure to fill in all the information required or your order might not be processed.
  • If you receive a package, please take it to the Group Administrator FIRST and look for storage conditions on labels; handle it accordingly, and diligently inform the addressee.
  • A copy of the initial request to purchase as well as the receipt should be submitted to the Group Administrator.

Software and Data

  • Software
    • The following software packages are frequently used in the lab. Ask the Webmaster if you need more information.
      • EpsilonEC
  • Data
    • Backup your data FREQUENTLY. You may want to use Subversion for managing your backup data.
    • Put a copy of your presentations in the Data Server (\\\sokgroup) inside the folder Group Presentations.
    • Lab notebooks are the property of the lab and must stay in the lab.
      • Keep a neat and detailed notebook so that it could be read and understood by others.
      • Each page should have a page number and date while each section should have a title and aim.
      • Note all your observations in the notebook, even if the results do not look right.
      • All abbreviations along with their full names should be included at the end of your notebook.


Group Meeting