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See SOPs for the Standard Operating Protocols.

The following responsibilities are for the period ... to ...

Apparatus in our labs Location Responsible
SEM PB Rm 1247 Justin
HPLC(s) PB Rm 1250 Alex
pH meter PB Rm Alya
Balance PB Rm Alya
Centrifuge(s) PB Rm Alya
Fluorimeter PB Rm Paul/Davis
UV-vis PB Rm 1250 Paul/Davis
Printer PB Rm 1252 Paul/Davis
3D Printer PB Rm 1247 Mario
Freezer(s) PB Rm Alex?
Fridge(s) PB Rm 1252, 930 Alex?
Microscope PB Rm 1247 Mario
MQ water PB Rm Brian
GelDoc Station PB Rm Mario
Potentiostats/Computers PB Rm 1252, 930 Andrew/Kristin
Plasma tcher PB Rm Justin
Lyophilizer PB Rm Sean
Pipettes All labs Alex
Hood/Electrophoresis instruments PB Rm Jagotamoy

Apparatus in other labs Location Responsible

Other tasks Location Responsible
Cleaning All labs All
Ordering All labs Alex/Mario
(Bio)waste PB Rm 2052, 930 Brian
Web/Wiki and software All labs Mehdi