Kasey E. O'Connor Week 6 Journal

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Pre-Project Questions


  • Ashley and I will be doing Project 1. (terSchure and coauthors (Microbiology, 1995, 141:1101-1108) considered other conditions, such as changing the dilution rate. Apply our chemostat model to these conditions.)

Biology Reference

  • Henson, M. "Dynamic Modeling and Control of Yeast Cell Populations in Continuous Biochemical Reactors." Computers & Chemical Engineering 27.8-9 (2003): 1185-199. Web. [Dynamic modeling and control of yeast cell populations in continuous biochemical reactors]
  • This source offers more information on the dilution rate. Instead of keeping it constant like in the terSchure papers, Henson makes changes to the rate, which would give us a good start to our paper. Not only will it give us a source to follow and compare our results to, but this article will also help to answer questions that arise about changes made to the dilution rate.

Mathematical Reference

  • Dawkins, Paul. "Pauls Online Notes : Differential Equations." Pauls Online Notes : Differential Equations. N.p., 2003. Web. 21 Feb. 2013. [Differential Equations]
  • This site provides problems and examples about modeling tank problems. Although these are much simpler than the chemostat model, this will give us a good background to begin to figure out how to adjust the dilution rate. It will also show us how to calculate how long it will take for the chemostat to reach its steady state and be the same concentration throughout.

Useful Links