Kasey E. O'Connor Week 4 Journal

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Matlab Portion

Table of Parameter Values

Parameter Parameter Value
q = nutrient inflow rate 0.15
u = feed rate of nitrogen 120
u2 = feed rate of carbon 60
r = net growth rate 1.0
K = nutrient saturation rate 5
V = nutrient consumption rate .05

Plot of the Two Nutrient Chemostat Model

Chemostat File

Two Nutrient Chemostat Questions

  1. For both the carbon and nitrogen concentration, as the feed rates are increased, the concentrations increase. However, they don't increase linearly. Since both of the nutrient concentrations also are dependent on the other, there is a sort of asymptote that the concentrations approach.
  2. Changing the product term would cause the state variable concentrations to decrease if the original c/K+c and n/K+n were greater than 1. This is because the term would go from multiplication to addition. But, if the values were between 0 and 1 there could be an increase when changing the term from multiplication to addition

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