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INNATE IMMUNITY: FROM FLIES TO MAN (16th May 2006, Imperial College London)

An afternoon of science to celebrate the arrival at Imperial College of Professor Fotis Kafatos, ForMemRS and his group.


2.00 pm Welcome,
Sir Lesek Borysiewicz, Deputy Rector, Imperial College London

Session 1 Chair: Dan Davis

2.10 pm Fotis Kafatos
Malaria & the Mosquito: Immunogenomics of Plasmodium/Anopheles interactions

2.50 pm George Christophides
Immune recognition & signalling in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae

3.10 pm Short presentations by Postdoctoral and PhD students of the Infection and Immunity Section, Imperial College
Dina Vlachou: Anopheles tissue responses to malaria infection
Kristin Michel: SRPNs in Anopheles: negative regulators of innate immunity
Charlie Ellis: Innate immunity in the zebrafish
Geoffrey Williams: Mechanisms & control of the intercellular transfer between NK cells and target cells

3.50 pm Emmanuelle Caron
Phagocytosis signalling: diversity, constriction points & subversion by microbial pathogens.

4.10 pm Tea

Session 2 Chair: Maggie Dallman

4.35 pm Kate Brown
Structural studies of non-natively folded proteins from Leishmania major

4.55 pm Dan Davis
Molecular recognition by NK cells

5.15 pm Alan Ezekowitz, Harvard University Medical School
Phagocytosis: from flies to man

6.00 pm Drinks reception

Prof Maggie Dallman has organised a meeting to celebrate the arrival at Imperial College of Professor Fotis Kafatos, FRS and his group.

The programme includes speakers from Imperial College – Fotis Kafatos, George Christophides, Emmanuelle Caron, Kate Brown, Dan Davis and short presentations from students and postdocs, as well as a presentation from Alan Ezekowitz, Harvard University Medical School. (Please see programme above).

Where? lecture theatre G34, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London
When ? Tuesday 16th May, 2pm - 6pm.

There is no cost for attending this meeting but YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND. Please e-mail Wendy McGovern (w.mcgovern[at]imperial.ac.uk) if you would like to come. This meeting is expected to attract a huge audience, so please register as soon as possible to ensure your place!