KP Ramirez Week 12

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Formatting Data

This week dealt with working on our excel data sheet. Our particular one used Affymetrix chips and thus some of the calculations were already finished for us. However, there were issues with the some particular columns.

Met vs Pg Fold Change

This column was the first one that had some difficulty. Because we were lacking the data there was no way to know if this meant that it was originally calculated as Met/PG or PG/Met with a LOG base. We tried both of these yet neither one actually had the listed values. Thus we calculated new values with a Log base 2.

System Code

The next step was to insert a column marked SystemCode with the value X for each of the listed genes. This was an important step for the GenMAPP program.

Next Steps

The next steps are to calculate a Tstat and Pvalue, then a little bit more formatting and it'll be ready for GenMapp



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